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All you must know about “Tanmay Bakshi”

There is nothing better than man-making the god gifted talent a person has received. In the run of becoming renowned, the youngest app developer has secured its place already. He is a Keynote speaker, developer, IBM Champion/ honorary cloud adviser, YouTuber, consultant, writer/ author algorithm-ist, astounded already, ain’t you? Tanmay Bakshi is now labeled as the youngest app developer ever and has taken the world of codes by storm. He is an Indian-origin pre-teen from Brampton, Canada. Well, this is just the beginning of his career as he is merely 12 yet, unbelievable! Read along and make yourself prepared to get amazed and do remember to close your jaws by the end of it.
·         Tanmay started coding when he just 5, when most of the children start to understand simplest mechanics of technology.
·         He built his first app for iPhone called iTablets when he was just 9!
·         At the IBM Developer connect; he has spoken about a new algorithm called “AskTanmay” which is a web-based NLQA system.
·         Not just that, he is a star for all since the time he showcased his oratory skills.
·         He is being homeschooled which provide him a utility of his time for his work.
·         He has video tutorials on his YouTube channel “Tanmay teaches”
·         Bakshi is also an author and has a published piece called “hello swift” which is about iOS programming techniques for kids and beginners.
“At 5 years old I din’t understand the concept of a job. Computer I thought was just a toy. Coding was fun for me and something I did in break time. So, coding isn’t really some work for me.”
“I would like to share my knowledge with others”.

Well, there is no second thought in the fact that he is now the youth’s inspiration and we look forward to a world full of such budding talents. For, “talent is always conscious of its abundance, and does not object to sharing”.


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